UNICAL UNOBA EP-3 700°F is a multi-purpose high quality and severe-temperature grease that positively will not melt, run or drip at any temperature. UNOBA EP-3 stays in place longer to eliminate the need for frequent lubrication – saves you time and money. Fortified with special EP additives, it provides longer bearing life under heavy loads and less wear under moderate loads.

UNICAL UNOBA - EP 3 offers constant protection against shock loading and has an excellent rust and corrosion protection. UNOBA – EP 3 is specially engineered for Heavy equipment, high-speed bearings, factories equipment, machinery Etc. It is highly recommended for various industries such as mining, pulp & paper, agricultural, cement and materials handling amongst others. You can safely and confidently use for almost any type of grease lubrication for reliable and long-lasting results.

Use UNICAL UNOBA EP-3 700°F for:

  • Factory Equipment
  • Heavy Equipment Industry
  • Construction Machinery
  • Industrial Tractors
  • Bearings
  • All Types of Machinery
  • All Types of Vehicle Lubrication
  • Marine and Dockside Equipment
Dropping Point :  700°F
Structure :  Long Fibre
Texture :  Smooth
Color: :  Golden Brown
NLGI No :  2-3

Product Packaging Available in:

  • Container (500 g)
  • Pail (16 Kg)
  • Steel Drum (180 Kg)

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